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Virtual Legislative Day

Virtual Legislative Day

Advocate from the Comfort of Your Home

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 – Throughout the day as your schedule allows


This event is over.

Whether you have five minutes or thirty, we hope you’ll join us for Hemophilia of North Carolina’s (HNC’s) Virtual Legislative Day event. One of the greatest silver linings to hosting Legislative Day virtually is that HNC members from across the state can “attend” without any travel required. We hope to have voices from all across NC, from the mountains to the ocean, city to country, and everywhere in between. That means more NC legislators get to learn about the issues that are important to the bleeding disorders community.

No advocacy experience is necessary! Whether you have time to send a pre-drafted email or you want to meet with your legislators through Zoom or a conference call, there are options for how involved you can be. HNC staff and veteran advocates will be available if anyone wants company during their meetings. The important thing is that they hear from you.

This year we’ll be focusing on:

  • Accumulator Adjuster Programs (AAPs) and banning this practice (more info to come)
  • Expanding NC Medicaid (more info to come)

Even if you haven’t personally been impacted by these issues, others in the community have, and they need your support in raising awareness. HNC will provide a virtual pre-Legislative Day training on May 24, as well as events specific to AAPs and Medicaid Expansion on May 10 and May 13. These will be recorded so even if you can’t attend, you can watch them later. HNC is also creating easy-to-understand fact sheets to help explain the issues and why they matter to the community.

HNC consumer members who attend this event will receive a gift card for DoorDash, GrubHub, or Uber Eats ($15 per person, $40 max per family). Gift cards will be distributed by email at the conclusion of the event. Note: Gift cards are available only to HNC members who live in North Carolina or receive care at a North Carolina treatment center. Persons employed by a pharmaceutical company, specialty pharmacy or home care company, or who work for a bleeding disorders treatment center are not eligible.

Not sure who your legislator is? Here's a quick lookup.

Anyone registered for the Legislative Day event is also encouraged to attend the virtual Pre-Legislative Day prep session on May 24 from 7:00pm-8:00pm. This will be a recap of the topics that we’re advocating for and a chance to ask questions about the next day.

Please register by Friday, May 14, 2021. If you have any questions, contact the HNC Office at events@hemophilia-nc.org, or by phone at 919-319-0014.

Attendees are also encouraged to join us for these advocacy events:

  • Wednesday, April 28 – Hear from your peers – Additional details
  • Monday, May 10 – Accumulator Adjuster Programs – Additional detailsWatch on YouTube
  • Thursday, May 13 – NC Medicaid Expansion – Additional detailsWatch on YouTube
  • Monday, May 24, at 7pm – Training Session – Anyone registered for the HNC Legislative Day will also be invited to join for this optional pre-Legislative Day webinar. Similar to our in-person training sessions, we'll have an opportunity to meet one another, talk about the next day, review the talking points, and answer any questions.
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