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HNC Legislative Day

June 9, 2009
Raleigh, NC

Senator Joe Sam Queen Recognized as Hemophilia of North Carolina Legislator of the Year.

Dozens of Hemophilia of North Carolina members met at the State Legislative Building in Raleigh on June 9th to recognize the work of Senator Joe Sam Queen of North Carolina's 47th Senate District and attend the 2009 HNC Legislative Day.HNC Delegation

Senator Queen, working for the people in the hemophilia community since coming to Raleigh in 2002, earned the distinction through his work in health policy and support of understanding and championing the needs of those with a rare chronic illness.

"To advance legislation in a complex policy area, such as Medicaid, allies like Senator Queen are an invaluable resource to Hemophilia patients and their families," said association member Leonard Poe. Poe presented Senator Queen the 2009 Legislator of the Year award as association members looked on

Ed, Warren and Tim"I understand the challenges you face in health care with getting the proper treatment and medicine. I'm pleased to be able to support the hemophilia community and honored to receive this award today," Senator Queen said.

Members gathered in Raleigh to promote legislative interests including reinstating the funding of a safety net program to assist families of Hemophilia patients with medical and other expenses (Hemophilia Assistance Plan). Additionally, the state's Medicaid regulations allow patients the freedom to choose medications that work best for them and the group asked legislators to support Senate Bill 324, a bill introduced by Senator Queen, to make permanent the statute that is due to expire on July 1, 2009. Reid, Gayle and Steve The $100,000 cap on specialty drugs in the High Risk Pool (Inclusive Health) was also discussed and members requested support to review this requirement since it makes the plan virtually useless to a person with hemophilia.

HNC was also able to secure space in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building to share information with legislators and their staff throughout the day.

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