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HNC Annual Meeting

Saturday May 14, 2011

Embassy Suites Hotel
406 North Cherry Street
Winston-Salem, NC

HNC hosted our 2011 Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 14th in Winston-Salem where 150 people, including attendees & sponsors, gathered together for a full-day event and learned about topics such as Research & Clinical Trials, Understanding Inheritance Patterns, The Importance of Dental Health, The Right State of Mind – Understanding the Impact of Mental Health, HFA's FitFactor Program, Health Care Reform & Advocacy and a panel presentation about programs and services offered by HNC.

On Friday evening before the meeting, HNC hosted the Special Guest & Volunteer Dinner to acknowledge all those who have helped support us throughout the year with their time, talent & resources. Sixty people attended the dinner and enjoyed an inspirational presentation by Tim Grams, CSL Behring Gettin' in the Game athlete.

On Saturday, our vendor exhibit hall was open and available during breakfast and throughout the conference. We graciously thank our sponsors for their participation and support of this event, which allows us to offer the meeting free of charge to our membership. In our vendor hall, we also had a poster presentation by Christopher D. Porado, PhD, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, relating to his research into the basic biology and treatment of hemophilia.

Our keynote presentation by Nigel Key, MB, ChB, FRCP, about Research & Clinical Trials started the program for the day. Dr. Key, Chief of Hematology/Oncology and Director of the UNC Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center, shared his expertise and valuable information on the definition and types of research, the importance of research to clinical care, treatment products for hemophilia and the importance of patient participation and support for research.

A panel presentation consisting of Emma Ingram (Teen Program), Guillermo Sanchez (Latin Union Program), Matt Igelman (Blood Brotherhood) and Sue Fletcher, PhD (SOAR/Women's Program, Family Needs Assessment and Aging Research Team) then shared information with our members about these HNC programs and highlights about the importance and impact they have on members of the bleeding disorders community.

After our morning break, Leonard Poe, VP Advocacy Chair of HNC, spoke about the ever evolving process of health care reform, pending legislation on developing the health benefits exchanges in North Carolina and why it is important to everyone to be an advocate for themselves and the community.

The HNC Business Meeting took place where HNC President Richard Atwood, Treasurer, Kathy Register and Executive Director, Sue Cowell presented information on the accomplishments of HNC over the past year and financial information about the organization. The election of the 2011-2013 Board of Directors took place and we welcome new board members Steve Peretti (President), Wayne Cook, Tiffany Holland, Maria Schnaith-Ivan, Amy Shair and Ann Skinner. Also elected for a returning two-year term were Scott Andrews and Warren Ingram. Contact information and bios for all board members will be available shortly on the HNC website. Kathy Register presented outgoing President Richard Atwood with an award for his years of service to the community and many thanks for his leadership and dedication to North Carolinians with bleeding disorders Please check out our website for more information and pictures of the presentation. (Kathy's remarks and Maria's photos are here.)

After lunch, Kristy Lee, MS – Certified Genetic Counselor at UNC School of Medicine, presented 'Understanding Inheritance Patterns'. Along with providing a better understanding of this topic, Kristy quizzed us on the top 10 questions related to this area, which was very informative. Following this session, Terry Lamb, provided highlights about Hemophilia Federation of America's FitFactor program. The program, Fit Factor: Strength, Flexibility and Wellness, offers services designed to improve health, fitness, and quality of life through regular physical activity and proper nutrition. We encourage you to check it out at www.hemophiliafed.org and register today!

Our afternoon sessions continued along the theme of the meeting about taking care of yourself and included a very informative and humorous presentation on the Importance of Dental Health by J. Timothy Wright, DDS, MS – Chair and Distinguished Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Research at UNC School of Dentistry. He shared the importance of maintaining good dental health, particularly with someone affected by a bleeding disorder, and the complications that might arise if not treated properly. The session on The Right State of Mind - Understanding the Impact of Mental Health was presented by Alexandra Boeving Allen, PhD – Assistant Professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine. Dr. Boeving Allen, a child psychologist, helped provide a better understanding of how to recognize and manage stress as well as understanding how it affects the mind, body and behavior in many ways. She led us through breathing and relaxation techniques that can benefit everyone in their daily lives.

The younger children were busy all day with the Ted-E-Bear Program where they created bears, took them to the 'clinic', shared stories, built hot air balloons, did plenty of arts & crafts along with joining in a musical program provided by Sing & Hum. This would not have all been possible without coordinator Judy Igelman's planning and assistance along with a great team of volunteers who kept things moving along throughout the day. Our teens took to the road with coordinators Charlene Cowell and Spencer Brill for a day of service at the Forsyth County Humane Society where they assisted the staff in a variety of projects. After returning to the hotel, they enjoyed a dip in the pool for some fun and relaxation.

We closed out the meeting with our Vendor Visit Raffle and Attendance Raffle drawings along with several company sponsored raffles. After the meeting, attendees were welcome to enjoy a light dinner and special rock laser planetarium show at SciWorks.

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