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NHF 61st Annual Meeting & Chapter Recognition Award Winner Guillermo Sanchez!

October 29-31, 2009
San Francisco, CA

Twelve HNC members attended the NHF 61st Annual Meeting that took place in San Francisco, CA from October 29-31, 2009. The conference was filled with excellent programs for designated tracks including chapter development, social workers, physicians, physical therapists, nurses, new families and consumers. The presentations were very informative and conducted by experts in their fields including Andra James, MD, MPH from Duke University who hosted a variety of sessions on women and bleeding disorders, carriers and a NATT (National Alliance for Thrombosis & Thrombophilia) update to the National Hemophilia Foundation's Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC).

One of the proudest moments for HNC came at the Awards Luncheon that took place on Saturday. Fellow member, Guillermo Sanchez, was recognized for his contribution to the chapter with a Chapter Recognition Award.

One year ago, Hemophilia of North Carolina launched the Latin Union Group under the direction of Guillermo and his wife, Abi. This program was a result of meeting with the Hemophilia Treatment Centers who felt that the Latino patient population was steadily increasing and that a support network for the families would be very beneficial. Guillermo and Abi were active community members and graciously offered their time and talent to help with this effort.

Guillermo organized the first meeting, which was a wonderful success. The group determined their name, times and days of future meetings, preferred locations and topics that would be of interest to the community. In the short year that Guillermo has led the Latin Union Group, he has arranged monthly meetings for 20-25 people with a host of speakers including very notable local physicians and treatment center staff, representatives from local health departments and other experts in their fields. Topics have included nutrition, genetics, treatment and care, World Hemophilia Day, advocacy, healthy living and navigating emergency care.

Aside from providing the educational programs, Guillermo also prepares material for the chapter in Spanish including translating our brochure, writing articles for the newsletter, gives presentations and develops outreach materials for the families. He is currently working with the Hemophilia Treatment Centers and Hematology Clinics in Charlotte to expand the base of members in the Latin Union Group and provide assistance to the patients.

Guillermo brings to the position a wealth of experience. He was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and has severe hemophilia. He moved to the US in 2003 with Abi. He holds a master's degree in psychology and has experience working with domestic violence, mistreatment, and sexual abuse. Guillermo's mother founded and is the current director of the hemophilia service organization in San Luis Potosi. He has a very personal understanding of the important role that Hemophilia of North Carolina can play in helping consumers advocate for better treatment and community services.

NHF Annual MeetingGuillermo is active in many other programs in the chapter including Blood Brotherhood, Legislative Day and outreach efforts. He has a strong desire to assist the Latino population in North Carolina and help Hemophilia of North Carolina accomplish its mission. We are very fortunate to have Guillermo and Abi as members of the chapter and are proud of what he has accomplished with the Latin Union Group in one short year. We are confident that this program will continue to grow and flourish under his guidance.

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Guillermo and Abi for their wonderful contribution to the chapter and on a well-deserved award!

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