Hemophilia of North Carolina

Since 1977, serving the people of North Carolina
affected by bleeding disorders.

260 Town Hall Dr., Suite A, Morrisville, NC 27560
2019 HNC Family Festival & Walk

HNC Family Festival & Walk

Raleigh Area
Saturday, October 12, 2019

Charlotte Area
Saturday, April 27, 2019

How to Register Download this document (pdf/440kb)

Ad Blockers: If you use ad blocking software with your Internet browser, please deactivate it on the firstgiving.com and hemophilia-nc.org websites. Neither site shows advertising, but some ad blockers can interfere with login and registration services.

1. Choose your event – Raleigh or Charlotte

To get started go to

2. Sign up

Click on Join Now on the right side of the page. In addition to yourself, you may register members of your family and others at the same time. Enter the total number of people you're signing up and click Register.
If you have a FirstGiving account from a prior event you may use that to sign in. If you're not sure, just enter your email address and the system will check automatically. You can also use your Facebook account as a starting point; the system will use your name and address from Facebook to create your FirstGiving account. Your FirstGiving password must contain at least one number. Click the red Next button to continue.

3. Join or create a team

You must now chose whether to join an existing team, create your own team, or do neither (meaning you'll be an independent participant).
  • If you want to join an existing team you'll see a list of teams to choose from.
  • If you wish to create a new team, you'll have the opportunity to make up a team name, upload a team photo, and enter your team's fundraising goal and other information. As Team Captain you can always login later and add photos and update information about your team.
Click Next and indicate that you are registering yourself. Read the waiver text and agree to its terms by checking the box as indicated. Don't forget to select your T-shirt size. Click Next.
If you are registering other participants at this time, you will go through this process for each person.
  • When registering children and others who do not use email, you may use your own email address (the one you used to register yourself). They will still appear on your team page as team members, but they will not have their own individual fundraising page (note that this is contrary to the instructions shown on the registration screen). You will receive an email confirmation message with a link to create an individual fundraising page, but that will just go back to your own page. In order to have a fundraising page, the individual must be registered with their own email address, one that is different from that of anyone already registered.
  • If you register other people and enter their email address (different from your own) they will receive a confirmation message that includes a link for setting up their own fundraising page.
  • Please note that you are accepting the terms of the waiver mentioned in the previous step for each individual you register.

4. Create your personal fundraising page

This step is very important, and we urge everyone to complete it when they register. It only takes a moment. You MUST do this if you want the funds you raise (including your own personal donations) to be credited to you and your team. You can make a donation and create your personal fundraising page all in this step.
"I don't want to create a personal fundraising page at this time." If you choose this option, you will be sent an email message with a link you can use if you later decide to set up your page. Please save this email message. If you lose or misplace this message, you can call the HNC office for assistance.
Once you click Next you'll get to the confirmation page – the last step. Here you can go back and check your entries in the previous steps. Don't worry, you can always sign in later and make changes.
Note: the FirstGiving system is designed to accommodate different registration types, and to collect registration fees. There is no fee for joining the HNC Family Festival (that's a cost of $0.00), and you are signing up simply as a "Participant."
After you register you will receive an email "receipt" for your registration "fee" so you'll see that $0.00 price again.

Next Steps – Tools for effective fundraising

The FirstGiving service offers a number of features to help you raise funds for HNC and the Family Festival & 5K Walk.
When you create a personal fundraising page, you'll receive a confirmation email message with more information. Included near the top of that message will be your page's URL (web page address). Anyone can view this page, so this is a great way to send your prospective donors directly to you and a handy big red "Donate" button. Be sure to add this URL to your social media page and include it in your email fundraising efforts.
That same email message also contains a link to instructions for editing your personal fundraising page, and how to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and by email.
Keep track of your FirstGiving password. You will need this to enter any donations you receive by check or cash. You can also use it to sign up for the next HNC Family Festival.
If you have created a team, you'll receive an email confirmation message as its captain. This message will contain a URL (web address) of your team page, which you can use in your team fundraising efforts.
In all you'll get three email confirmation messages: one for creating a FirstGiving account, one for creating a team and its team page, and one for creating a personal fundraising page. Each message will have useful additional information.

Now It's Time to Start Fundraising!

If you need help with anything in this process, contact the HNC Office at 800-990-5557 (toll free) or email festival@hemophilia-nc.org for assistance.

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