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HNC Family Retreat

August 12-14, 2009
Trinity Center
Pine Knoll Shores, NC Outer Banks

Fun for All at the HNC Family Retreat!

Despite some very uncooperative weather, the HNC Family Retreat went on from August 12th to the 14th at the Trinity Center in Pine Knoll Shores. It started out under a tornado watch and some very difficult driving conditions for the families but they braved the conditions and all arrived safely!

Our first evening plans of dinner on the beach pavilion were quickly changed to indoor arrangements followed by a time for discussion by the adults and games for the kids. Infusion Training The group was welcomed and had a chance to get acquainted and learn a little something about everyone. We then provided information from the Centers for Disease Control regarding the latest statistics in obesity and how to make better choices for living healthier lives. Did you know that the number of commercials seen by the average American by the age of 65 is 2 million and the average youth spends 1500 hours watching television each year?

Thursday was a full day of programs along with some free time to enjoy the small peek of sunshine at the beach. Nancy Roy, Senior Clinical Specialist from Baxter Bioscience provided information to the adults on how to Navigate Emergency Care and shared tips on how to communicate your needs. The younger children enjoyed some fun and games with a Camp Superfly session hosted by Baxter and CVS Caremark. Watching the Action The older group of tweens and teens worked interactively with Anne Lowish, RN of MedPro Rx to learn more about self infusion and enjoyed working with the BayCuff self infusion kits provided by Bayer.

Later that morning, the YMCA presented a great program about staying active and tips for getting more exercise and choosing the right foods. Our thanks to Kate Horney, Health and Wellness Director, of the Twin Rivers YMCA for sharing her expertise with us and information on the Fit for All program currently in its pilot program between NHF and some of the YMCAs in other states. We're hoping to see it in NC real soon!

After lunch, we were treated to a presentation by Pete Dyson, CSL Behring Gettin' in the Game Athlete, who spoke about his experiences of participating in a variety of sports. Pete is Factor IX deficient, lives in Pennsylvania and works as a teacher. His achievements include success in three high school sports: basketball, baseball and golf. Once, he hit two grand slams in one game! We all enjoyed listening to his stories and the tips he shared about managing his bleeding disorder while fulfilling his dreams of participating in sports. Although the weather did not cooperate (once again!) for the pool games that were planned, Pete and Gina Raymond-Duncan of CSL Behring had a perfect Plan B for some fun indoor games.

The rest of the afternoon was free time to enjoy some of the sites in the area and after dinner, everyone enjoyed a visit on family night to the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores for Pirate Night!

Infusion TrainingOn Friday we got a little messy with our healthy snack making and a great session hosted by Ashley Person, East Carolina University Dietetic Intern. She gave us some great information on how to look for the proper foods, watching the sizes of portions and ways to help develop a plan for the family. Everyone then made some tasty snacks with the assistance of our resident 'chefs' that included Banana Sushi, Berry Smoothies, Veggie Pizzas, Snack Mix and Fruit Kabobs. In surveying the crowd after the taste testing, the Fruit Kabobs and Veggie Pizzas were the biggest hit. If you would like the recipes, please feel free to contact the HNC office for a copy.

Our many thanks to the speakers for their time and information, the Trinity Center and all of our sponsors that made this program a great success. Despite hosting 102 members at this retreat, we are always disappointed that we could not accommodate all of the families who responded to this popular program. The good news is that we are continuing to grow this program and have reserved 44 rooms for next year so that we can host more families and will hold it over Labor Day weekend 2010 so that those people who can not take off work during the week might still be able to attend.

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