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Insurance and Health Care Symposium

Saturday, November 14, 2009
The Friday Center
100 Friday Center Drive – Chapel Hill, NC

A Wealth of Information

HNC Insurance & Health Care SymposiumWould you know what to do about your insurance if you lost your job, quit your job, have a child, went through a divorce, capped out or have a child age off of your insurance policy? All these scenarios and much more were the topic of the recent HNC Insurance and Health Care Symposium hosted at the Friday Center on November 14th.

Patient Services Inc (PSI) President and Founder Dana Kuhn, PhD, presented information about the organization and how they assist the bleeding disorders community. He and fellow presenter, James Romano, discussed many of the life changes that can affect insurance coverage and what to do if faced with these situations. Dana shared his experiences of working with members of the bleeding disorders community, many from NC, and his passion to assist those in need. His program covered the multiple layers of insurance and educated us on being prepared. James further discussed the health care reform bills that are pending and the impact it could have on the community.

HNC Insurance & Health Care SymposiumElizabeth Phillips from the Orange County Department of Social Services did an outstanding job of presenting information on programs and services available in the state. She provided information on this very complicated subject in simple terms and gave us a much better understanding of the process by which people can apply for services in programs such as Work First, Medicaid, NC Health Choice for Children and others.

After a delicious lunch at the Friday Center, Susan Cutter, MSW, LCSW, Assistant Director at Penn Comprehensive Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center, provided information on the financial impact of managing the costs of hemophilia. Her presentation included understanding your rights as a consumer, access to hemophilia treatment centers, keeping track of expenses, utilizing resources and being prepared for all stages of life.

The Consumer Panel that followed included members of HNC who shared their personal experiences and challenges with insurance coverage. This provided a great dialogue for the audience to share thoughts and suggestions with some of the members.HNC Insurance & Health Care Symposium

HNC Insurance & Health Care SymposiumThe recent changes in health care were discussed at length and Ryan Faden, CSL Behring Manager of State Government Affairs, provided up to date information on the ongoing reform including specifics in all the current bills that could affect the bleeding disorders community. There are a number of items of interest including changes to the high-risk pool, lifetime caps, the public option, Medicaid changes and follow-on biologics. He shared important information on staying involved in the process and how to advocate for changes that will benefit the community.

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