Hemophilia of North Carolina

Since 1977, serving the people of North Carolina
affected by bleeding disorders.

260 Town Hall Dr., Suite A, Morrisville, NC 27560
1-800-990-5557 (toll free)
Ropes Course

2016 HNC-HSC Teen Retreat

at Camp Canaan
3111 Sand Island Road
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Thursday-Sunday, July 7-10, 2016

For anyone age 13-18 who has either a bleeding disorder or a sister, brother or parent with a bleeding disorder.

Bring a friend!

Transportation Available

Come spend a weekend with friends – new & old! We're planning a terrific weekend full of fun activities and sessions that will challenge you, inform you, and inspire you. Share your interests, passion, and ideas about how you can make a difference for yourself and in our community. Our programs will include self-advocacy, learning to share your story, and how to use your voice!

Hemophilia of North Carolina and Hemophilia of South Carolina are offering this program to teen members free of charge. This includes lodging, busing, all meals and activities.

Program: Be Prepared!

Be Prepared?? Most of us think about Boy Scouts or preparing for “The Big One!” However, those ways of thinking got GutMonkey thinking: How do we get prepared for real life challenges that aren’t so obvious? Breaking Up? Driving? College? Moving out? World travel? Job applications? It turns out, just like any other type of prepared, it’s through practice! In this engaging and active program, GutMonkey will take you through the model for tackling many situations or choices that life throws our way with games and initiatives that are based in real life scenarios. Be prepared to laugh, move, think, and challenge yourself to “Be Prepared” for the life that is coming at you every day.

This year our sessions will be led by Joe Torrey, a member of the Gut Monkey "Be Excellent To One Another" team. Joe has a degree in Outdoor Education (with a focus in sustainable design), and years of professional experience in team building, summer camp, and environmental education programs, Joe crafts and implements experiences to facilitate positive change in communities, teams, individuals, and mindsets. He is the younger brother of Pat "Big Dog" Torrey, whom many of our teens will remember from past retreats.

Retreat activities will include a high ropes course, archery tag, bubble soccer, and lots of time in the pool.

Event Schedule

Transportation Schedule (pdf* 90kb)

  • Thursday, July 7
    • 5:00-6:00pm – Arrival and check-in at Camp Canaan
    • Dinner
    • Ice breaker with Joe Torrey
  • Friday, July 8
    • 5:00-6:00pmAll day: Sessions led by Joe Torrey
    • Campfile and s'mores
  • Saturday, July 9
    • 5:00-6:00pmAll day: Sessions led by Joe Torrey
    • Dinner and free time
  • Sunday, July 10
    • Breakfast
    • Review & Suggestions
    • Boxed lunch and 12:00pm check-out

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